Lookster.com launches new Indiegogo campaign to help develop a neutral, secure search engine

A user-friendly search engine that does not track your Internet activity or sell your personal data

4th April 2019, United Kingdom /PrexlyLookster is seeking to provide internet users with a comprehensive, secure, and responsive search engine that respects the privacy of its users. To help achieve this ambition, they have established an Indiegogo funding campaign to assist with development costs.



Privacy is at the forefront of many internet users' minds, and with good reason. Numerous companies in recent years have been caught profiting from the sale of confidential user information. Lookster seeks to readdress that balance and inspire confidence once more from internet users. The goal is to achieve this by offering a user-friendly search engine, that will never track internet activity or sell user-data to advertisers of any kind.

The intention is for Lookster to be a fully-featured search engine, capable of handling all manner of day-to-day searches.

Current features marked for integration by the development team include eCommerce search tools, including Amazon and eBay, along with interactive maps, weather forecasting, and price comparison tools for online shopping. A browser extension for both Google Chrome and Firefox is also planned, to provide the best possible functionality for users. A proprietary web crawler, named Lookster Bot, will offer comprehensive website indexing and ranking of web pages – providing wide-ranging searches that encompass all corners of the internet.

In Lookster's own words – "Lookster.com was founded with one simple mission — to provide its users with relevant unbiased search results whilst protecting their privacy."

Web development can be an expensive undertaking, however, particularly when the goal is for a quality, user-friendly, and ethical search engine. This is why the Lookster team have put forward their Indiegogo funding campaign, to seek support from users and businesses who put privacy at the head of their search engine requirements.

The funds gathered are intended for use in both the completion of current search tools that are in development, along with network infrastructure scaling to ensure sufficient data storage. Any backers will have their deposits matched in advertising credits – a $200 deposit yields a $400 advertising credit, for example. These are administered via a custom developed pay-per-click engine integrated into Lookster, using keyword searches to display appropriate adverts.

Lookster is seeking to offer users and businesses the opportunity to enjoy a wide-reaching search engine, without needing to worry that their searches are being tracked, or their personal information is being sold to the highest bidder.

Any help offered towards achieving this goal is sincerely appreciated by the entire Lookster team.

For more information on the Indiegogo campaign, please visit https://igg.me/at/lookster/x or contact media@lookster.com







Note[x]book is the world’s most effective refillable notebook


28th March 2019, Austria / — Note[x]book is not just a notebook, it also contains a Goals and ToDo Manager. And you can refill it individually.

What makes Note[x]book unique is not only that it is refillable. You can put your smartphone, your wallet, your cards and your pen in it. It's so cool. You will love it.

Note[x]book will help you to improve your life. 80% of us are stressed out because we cannot manage our time. We want to work more effectively but we often don't know where to start and we often lose track. Note[x]book will change this.

It's very easy to handle – in 3 steps.


Step One


Define your goals and write down what you must do to achieve your goals. Give your goal a start date and a deadline.

Step Two


Don't wait! Work for your goals. Define, what your daily ToDos are. Do not give up and complete your tasks without a gap for 40 days. That's where Jerry Seinfeld's productivity tip "Don't Break the Chain" comes in.

Mark every day with a Red X if you have accomplished your daily ToDos. After 40 days, you will have a red chain and you can be proud of you that you didn't break the chain.

„If you wait, you only get what's coming to you, but if you get up, you get everything you want. "

Step Three

Take Notes and get help from your ToDo Stickers. And mark below, if you have done your daily tasks and something for your Goals.

Note[x]book has some Stretch Goals and gifts for his backers if they achieve their stretch Goals.

Note[x]book will be released on Kickstarter on Monday 01/04/2019.
You can visit their website www.notexbook.com and sign up for the newsletter. You will also be notified when the project goes live – allowing you to benefit from the "Super Early Bird" discounts of up to -35%.


About Note[x]book:


A Start-Up founded this year. They have made it their goal to make working for something easier and to increase the motivation.

In this regard, they will introduce a new product this year. Let yourself be surprised.

Website address: https://www.notexbook.com

Tuiguang123.com Releases Its YouTube KOL Tool To Help Doing Business On YouTube

Doing business via YouTube is a long-felt dream for most businesses. Now, they can get the excellent opportunity for the same with the YouTube KOL Promotion Tool that Tuiguang123.com releases this March.


Shenzhen, China (March 11, 2019) /Prexly/ -– YouTube is a platform that is being viewed by millions of people from across the world. Nowadays, as against reading text, most people show interest in watching videos on YouTube for any information they need. To YouTube promotion is an excellent idea for any business. To make it easier, YouTube KOL Promotion tool to help Chinese Companies to operate via YouTube is being released by Tuiguang123.com this March 2019.

KOL in marketing stands for Key Opinion Leaders and identifying these leaders will make YouTube marketing easier for any business. To make it easier, the YouTube KOL promotion tool offered by this company will come handy.

With the best expertise in overseas marketing, this company has the right knowledge on how to attract the attention of the target market. So, they have used their extensive knowledge in designing the YouTube promotion tool to bring the best marketing outcome for businesses in China to operate via YouTube.

Be it comments or likes or even channel subscriptions, everything will help businesses gain popularity and all these are offered as packages by this company.

About Shenzhen Yitui Information Technology Company Limited:

This name of the company that owns Tuiguang.com is Shenzhen YiTui Information Technology Company Limited. The company offers different types of marketing packages to help businesses gain the desired recognition through world-known YouTube.

For more information, please visit https://www.tuiguang123.com/waimaoseo/#sku1350

Media Contact:

Contact: Peter Fei
Company Name: Yitui Online Marketing Company
City, state, country: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Address: 2nd Floor, BM Industry Park, 302#, Xuegang North Road, Long Hua District
Tele: +86 13923813721
Wechat: +86 13923813721

Website: https://www.tuiguang123.com

Discovery Platform Raleigh & Drake Acquires Social Network and Travel Tool MARBL

New York City, NY – 25 February, 2019 /Prexly/ -– Raleigh & Drake (RAD) the world's first influencer-driven discovery platform announces the acquisition of social network and travel tool, MARBL, in an effort to continue expanding its ever-growing community.

Discovery Platform Raleigh & Drake Acquires Social Network and Travel Tool MARBL (Prexly Press Release Distribution Service / Releigh & Drake)

Through this curated society of trusted chefs, creatives, photographers and explorers, personalized experiences can be easily activated at the touch of a button

Co-Founded by Tatiana Koffman and Sheila Merchant, MARBL is an online community that allows users to share experiences, get advice, and get connected while traveling. Launched in 2017, Los-Angeles based MARBL quickly grew on Instagram, Web and iOS App, and succeeded to bring together like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds, in sharing recommendations and fraternizing while on their journeys.

Patrick Sarkissian, CEO and Co-Founder of Raleigh & Drake comments: "Our acquisition of MARBL bolsters our brand promise of delivering local recommendations from those who know a city best. Their community of travelers were particularly attractive to us because they were well-curated and relevant to the cities we are licensing to our clients."

As travel for millennials becomes an increasingly valuable social currency, Raleigh & Drake's technology becomes more and more indispensable allowing explorers save, share and book once-in-a-lifetime epic experiences all in one place, all on demand.

"We are very excited to be joining the Raleigh & Drake family, to combine forces in making travel more inspiring and accessible to the next generation," says Tatiana Koffman, Co-Founder and CEO of MARBL.

With MARBL's network of thousands of active travelers on social media and the consolidation of the social network's technologies within the platform, Raleigh & Drake will continue to thrive at providing one-of-a-kind experiences and exclusive content to the generation that desires it most. In the process, Tatiana Koffman will be joining the Board of Advisors at Raleigh & Drake to see the MARBL vision through.

There's no better way to discover the heart of a destination than through the eyes of the experts and locals. With Raleigh & Drake's mission-driven technology and MARBL's unparalleled community, the new generation of jet setters will continue to push the boundaries of travel, discovery and adventure.

About Raleigh and Drake

Driven by authenticity, Raleigh & Drake (RAD) delivers the world's first influencer-driven discovery platform. RAD offers millennials instantly bookable, personalized recommendations and guides from a trusted global community of creatives, photographers, culinary experts and explorers from around the world. Their

curation of exclusive content which merges travel with social impact is unparalleled in the industry. In addition to their authenticated insiders' guide, Raleigh & Drake's supports the effort to alleviate poverty in local regions with each booking through their partnership with Kiva. For more information, visit www.raleighanddrake.com.

For more information, please contact:

Amber Lopez, The Eighth Floor AL@ideason8.com

Tel: +1 212 561 5488

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